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Αρχή International Presence DE-educate / RE-educate

DE-educate / RE-educate

On Saturday April 18, 2014, our school organized a one-day education event in Athens under the title "De-Educate / Re-Educate".

Speakers were the famous Teacher Tom Hobson coming from Seattle, the Greek well reputated teacher and education activist  Spiro Kasimatis  and the young Greek teacher Angelo Patsias, famous for the transformation of the small provincial school of Fourfoura in Crete island.

It was a fantastic discussion in a crowded room of education enthusiasts, believing in the need of transforming schools into free and vivid communities of well respected citizens.

It was the second time for Tom to visit Athens and our school. He also delivered a seminar to our teachers plus two private workshops to selected parents. Below you can see some photos and videos of the event.

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