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Dorothy in English

Dorothy Snot, established in 2008, is a Greek top-class preschool & kindergarten, working on a play-based learning approach.

We have developed our own Life-derived Learning concept on early education (LDL). This allows children, from a very young age, to learn and develop through self-chosen play, ignited from real life needs and connected to real world activities and situations.

The outcome of this approach is to raise children capable of handling their own life, from a very early age.

Children in our school are encouraged to judge on their own criteria and make their own decisions. They are motivated to explore real world and discover the beauty of learning, while playing. Most of all, they end up having mastered how to learn on a happy and self-directed way.

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Suzanne & Leni, preschool teachers from Holland, visited Dorothy Snot for practining, in October 2014. After they return to Holland, we connect through skype with Leni's class and sing one another Christmas carols! Διαβάστε περισσότερα...
Our school participated in IPA2014 World Play Conference in Istanbul, in May 2014. We presented our paper under the title "Play-based learning in preschool and the significance of parents involvement".   Διαβάστε περισσότερα...