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Playworker Meynell Walter visiting Dorothy Snot

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On September 2016, our good friend and famous playworker Meynell Walter visited our Athens school for two days, just to share once more his play experiences and to gain new ones while visiting a refugees' camp. Διαβάστε περισσότερα...
In September 2016, John was invited to present our edcuation concept in IPSEF Dubai 2016 Conference and participate in a panel discussing Education in the Early Years.

The Middle East education market is a fast growing one and UAE are probably the leading force. Especially Dubai is implementing an amazing education development strategy, based on excellence and innovation.

Dorothy Snot fits perfectly that concept and we focus on the area as a potential expansion market. We were nominated for a GESS 2016 Award on Innovation earlier this year and yet invited to present our concept and our school in IPSEF 2016.

Please expand the post if you want to read John's presentation or click on the following link to learn more on IPSEF Dubai 2016.
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International Play Iceland in Seattle, October 2016

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In October 2016, Daniela was a part of the amazing International Play Iceland seminar, in Seattle.

It was an excellent opportunity for some of the world's most creative innovators in play-based learning to get together, play and discuss!

You can see all the photos and learn more about by clicking on the events' facebook page. Διαβάστε περισσότερα...

International Fairy Tea Party 2015

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One more year, our pre-K classes celebrated in the woods the International Fairy Tea Party day, worldwide organized by Filosofiska Swedish school. Great fun! Press here to see more pictures. Διαβάστε περισσότερα...

DE-educate / RE-educate

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On Saturday April 18, 2014, our school organized a one-day education event in Athens under the title "De-Educate / Re-Educate".

Speakers were the famous Teacher Tom Hobson coming from Seattle, the Greek well reputated teacher and education activist  Spiro Kasimatis  and the young Greek teacher Angelo Patsias, famous for the transformation of the small provincial school of Fourfoura in Crete island.

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Summer comes from China to talk to us about ideograms!

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Summer, a student from China visting our school during an international students exchange program (AIESEC), gave our kindergarten kids a tour through the fascinating world of Chinese ideograms! We loved it, thank you Summer! Διαβάστε περισσότερα...
Suzanne & Leni, preschool teachers from Holland, visited Dorothy Snot for practining, in October 2014. After they return to Holland, we connect through skype with Leni's class and sing one another Christmas carols! Διαβάστε περισσότερα...
Our school participated in IPA2014 World Play Conference in Istanbul, in May 2014.
We presented our paper under the title "Play-based learning in preschool and the significance of parents involvement".
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